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READING BOOT CAMP is a FREE RTI reading program that uses best instructional practices with a proviso “ALL STUDENTS ARE GIFTED”, the goal is to lift ALL students’ ACADEMIC SKILLS using evidence-11th grade vocabulary list pdf Socratic methods, teach students as erudite beings, be flexible and have fun, set SMART goals, and differentiate through scaffolding and cooperative learning. RTI program improves reading test scores by over a full grade level in 20 days. USE TRANSITION WORDS to help ideas flow!

The response demonstrates an adequate command of basic conventions. Close reading is a rigorous literary investigation, text interrogation, and or a critical analysis of a complex passage or demanding literary work, with the stated goal of gleaning the true meaning of an authors words. Students need repeated concrete practice in the art of owning a text, they must filter and rank text, hunting for salient points, obscure points, and hidden ideas. Close reading strategies must be practiced and honed in order for students to develop better critical and analytical thinking.

Close reading is not an innate skill, it must be rehearsed, practiced,¬†and mastered. The goal of close reading is a cogent comprehension, a clear understanding of the author’s¬†explicit and implicit meanings. Common Core State Standards require close reading activities and lessons. Systematic Skimming or Pre-reading is an analytical “investigational reading strategy” reading activity that should be used at the beginning of a close reading lesson. The strategy effectively engages students’ attention, builds background knowledge, and helps students develop essential questions that will deepen their understanding and comprehension.