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In North America, the W124 was sold for the 1985 through 1996 model 1996 mercedes c220 owners manual pdf. Due to the high cost of German engineering and build quality, the W124 was designed to last many miles, with awards actually given and worn by high mileage versions. Front suspension uses a separate spring and damper with a rubber top mount. 1982 with the Mercedes 190 and which is now standard on many modern cars.

W124 platform, and in return, W124 was later equipped with one of the roadster’s engines, creating the 500 E. Much of the 124’s engineering and many of its features were advanced automotive technology at its introduction, incorporating innovations that have been adopted throughout the industry. This allowed the use of a tighter fitting rear gate, minimizing the cabin noise in the T-model – sometimes an area of concern for station wagons. The most notable such feature was the addition of an oxygen sensor in the exhaust system which, in conjunction with a semi-electronic fuel injection system, could make the engine run more efficiently. This improved fuel consumption while simultaneously meeting stricter emission regulations.

The S124 estate continued in production alongside the new W210 until the S210 estate launched more than a year later. A two-door coupé version was also built, with the chassis designation C124. The 320CE, and North America, the 300CE, in 1992. These versions were re-designated as the E 320 in 1993, complemented by the less powerful, but less expensive E 220 in 1993, and the mainland-Europe-only E 200 in 1994.

USA and Japan from 1993 to 1995. The pre-merger AMG coupés are based on the 124 series 2 update. LHD, 25 were produced from 1988 until 1993. AMG Japan also carried out such conversions locally.

The E 320, E 220, and E 200 cabriolets ceased production in 1997. W124 was replaced there in December 1997. W124 until 2000 despite the W210 was already introduced in late 1996, making it the last country to locally produce the car since its worldwide discontinuation in 1995. 6 L version of M104 engine recently for its high-end Chairman line up. Both saloon and estate versions of the facelifted model carried the same model designation on their bootlid, i.

T was no longer used for estate versions. The W124 was also offered as a long wheelbase targeted for taxi companies, but more luxury equipped version was also used as a limousine. The pre-facelift four-cylinder models came standard with four-speed manual transmission, but could be ordered with the five-speed manual or four-speed automatic. After the facelift, the four-speed manual was dropped, and five-speed manual became standard. Cars with V8 engines, 3. AMG models were available only with four-speed automatic.