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Certain terms are used very commonly for groups of holidays. Biblically-mandated date on which even food preparation is prohibited, is often included in this grouping. Sabbath, is referred to by that name exclusively. Jews wandered in the desert. Masorti communities around the world where Sabbath and Festival observance fairly closely resembles Orthodox observance. At the most fundamental level, if there is any possibility whatsoever that action must be taken to save a life, Shabbat restrictions are set aside immediately, and without reservation. Where the danger to life is present but less immediate, there is some preference to minimize violation of Shabbat work restrictions where possible.

The laws in this area are complex. The Torah specifies a single date on the Jewish calendar for observance of holidays. Rosh Hashanah is observed for two days even inside the land of Israel. Dates for holidays on the Jewish calendar are expressed in the Torah as “day x of month y. The Sanhedrin would then have to inform Jewish communities away from its meeting place that it had proclaimed the new moon.