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This article has multiple issues. The purpose of Wikipedia is to present facts, not to train. Defensive programming practices are often used where high availability, safety or security is needed. Making the software behave in a predictable manner a discipline of programming pdf unexpected inputs or user actions.

Overly defensive programming however introduces unnecessary code for errors impossible to even happen, thus wasting runtime and maintenance costs. There is also the risk that the code traps or prevents too many exceptions, potentially resulting in unnoticed, incorrect results. The function will result in undefined behavior when the input is over 1000 characters. Some novice programmers may not feel that this is a problem, supposing that no user will enter such a long input. To be handled as a dead traffic light. Assert that this section is unreachable.

If existing code is tested and known to work, reusing it may reduce the chance of bugs being introduced. Legacy problems are problems inherent when old designs are expected to work with today’s requirements, especially when the old designs were not developed or tested with those requirements in mind. Legacy code may have been written and tested under conditions which no longer apply. The old quality assurance tests may have no validity any more. ASCII input but now the input is UTF-8. Legacy code is not written with new problems in mind.

Malicious users are likely to invent new kinds of representations of incorrect data. Do not attempt to implement your own encryption scheme, but use a proven one instead. All data is important until proven otherwise. All data is tainted until proven otherwise. All code is insecure until proven otherwise. If data are to be checked for correctness, verify that they are correct, not that they are incorrect.

This allows code to document its assumptions and make them safely. This may involve checking arguments to a function or method for validity before executing the body of the function. A good heuristic is to not trust the libraries you did not write either. So any time you call them, check what you get back from them.

This page was last edited on 24 November 2017, at 23:27. They are called pseudo-metrics because they relate the concept space and the code space, with a clear understanding that the concept space cannot be formalized strictly enough for a real metric to be defined. C operator can represent addition on floating-point numbers and not just integer numbers. This equivalence may break down in many cases. Integer overflow breaks the equivalence between the mathematical integer concept and the computerized approximation of the concept. An integer overflow is an example of domain error. In C, using pointers for output arguments because C doesn’t support output arguments explicitly is an example of concept cast.

It is called a priority inversion because the language takes precedence over the concept. Identify and define the relevant concepts in the concept space. Identify traditional notations for the concepts, or invent usable notations. Identify a combination of programming constructs that allows the concepts to be represented comfortably in code – That includes finding a code notation that matches the notation identified in the previous step as closely as possible. Write code that preserves, as much as possible, the expected behavior and semantics of the relevant aspects of the original concept.

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You won’t become a world authority on the project management discipline, but you will become an effective and efficient project manager. In a world that is becoming more virtual, more global, and more complex, the project manager’s ability to function in this environment becomes critical to the success of the project. If their test results are poor, congratulations, you just saved your time! If their test results are acceptable, go ahead and invite the potential employee to an interview! Finding talent is just the first step – next you need to test their programming skills.