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The USB Bike Generator is a small bike mounted ac generator project pdf producing device optimized to provide power for two USB ports. There are so many small electronics that can be powered or charged from a USB connection it only makes since that people might want to do this while riding a bike.

The basic idea for the USB Bike Generator is to use a suitable stepper motor as a generator and a voltage regulator circuit to maintain the 5 volts needed for the USB ports. I would strongly recommend that if you plan on building this USB Bike Generator you at least look over how these past to versions went together. This third rendition of my bike generator project came about after reading some of the comments made about my previous methods. Now since one of the interests I’ve had listed on my profile since I joined this site has been efficiency I decided to read the rest of his comment after wiping the tears from my eyes. Ac-dc suggested that buck switching regulator would be better suited for a bike generator like mine. I had no idea what a switching regulator was so I started to do some research and found out that ac-dc was right and that I could significantly increase the efficiency of the electronics I was using. They offer a good explanation of the switching regulators and even sell them.