Academic vocabulary in use advanced pdf

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2,000 new words and expressions which are presented and practised in typical contexts appropriate to this level. Share Free IELTS Books and get Cambridge Practice Test Online. The perfect choice for advanced-level students wanting to build their vocabulary skills, vocabulary is clearly academic vocabulary in use advanced pdf and contextualised on left-hand pages with practice activities on facing right-hand pages. The book is informed by the Cambridge International Corpus to ensure that the vocabulary selected is useful and up to date.

A test book is also available for extra practice. Ideal for self study or classroom use. Do the first eight units, i-viii, before you start on any other units. When checking your answers m the key, you will find that it sometimes contains extra useful information about the area of language you are working on.

So, read it carefully and make notes of any interesting language that you karn from it. By doing this, you can extend your vocabulary still further. Research studies show that we remember new words  much more easily if we think  about them in relation to our own experience and use them    in a context that is meaningful to us as individuals. So, as well as doing the exercises here, write any new words or phrases that you particularly wish to learn in a context that has some personal meaning for you. You could, for example, use the language you wish to learn in a sentence about an experience you have had personally, or about a story you have read in a newspaper or magazine, or about a film or TV programme you have watched.