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As more marketing teams and IT teams start to cross paths more often, one areas they both could use some collaborative education is performance analytics. Generating a SAS token for Service Bus in . I use swagger to document my API endpoints. Log files to know advance steel 2016 tutorial pdf to find failed ASP.

Developers now have access to free and inexpensive developer tools that can help find and fix many common application problems. Go to your project properties, either by right-clicking on the project and picking “Properties” or by picking Properties from the Project menu. I like the descriptive nature, and find the swagger UI to be a great place for quick testing and discovery. We encountered the problem while unpacking a .

As I have been documenting Umbraco development I realized that people need a starting point. This post will cover how to start an Umbraco project using an approach suitable for ALM development processes. After addressing Umbraco team development in my previous post I want to explore maintaining relationships between pieces of content in Umbraco and accessing them programmatically here. How to look recursively in MySQL table for child rows in 5. How Did I Become An IT Consultant Curmudgeon? I have been accused of being a curmudgeon by more than one co-worker.

The Umbraco CMS platform give you the ability to create a content managed site with the familiar development process of ASP. Wow just Wow the posts before this are from when I was at TAFE and just beginning my studies. Oh how far I have come since then. I couldn’t even swipe to answer the phone. The major change in this version is to the tracing engine. I wanted to be able to export data from it to a CSV file to import into a legacy reporting system. I rarely think of technology as a problem, as most of the time people or processes are usually the root of organizational concerns.

Well it depends, but in general as a string is your best bet. In this post I explore the pros and cons of each. Microsoft made their new Azure App Service Tools extension available today in the Visual Studio Marketplace. I had the opportunity to preview this extension and was very pleased. I don’t know if you guys use 4K displays for your dev work, I sure do, but anywaysusing VS2008 on a 4K display was driving me crazy! Few days ago I look for a solution so I can just save my time writing CRUD.

So I found a solution. If you are adding a view and you see this error, your project is not in the state it can be compiled. If you compile your software it will fail. From last few years I use select2 for making effective dropdown in bootstrap. In last days I am trying to make it responsive but it doesn’t perform so well.

Here is a nice thread to make it work. Code Search – Visual Studio Text Editor Extension – v1. It’s been about a month since I blogged and released the Code Search – Visual Studio Text Editor Extension. In all financial systems, Dynamics GP included, from time-to-time batches will get stuck during posting. IMHO, it was a great event. Thank you goes out to all of the speakers, sponsors, and event organizers!