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Please forward this error screen to 158. How to open a NPS account? NPS account is not as easy as it should be. I tried to look at the various ways you can open a NPS account, age certificate form in tamilnadu pdf thought I’d make a list of NPS account opening options I’m aware of.

In doing this research I found that there is reasonably good information about where you can go to open an account, but it’s just that it’s not very well known. SBI with 3,820 registered branches is quite clearly in the lead, followed by Alankit Assignments with 890 branches, India Post NPS Nodal Office with 807 branches and State Bank of Hyderabad with 714 branches. With that said let’s take a look at the various options to open a NPS account. This is probably the easiest way to open a NPS account because if you have a ICICI DIRECT account, then you can log into your account and open a NPS account without any additional documentation. They don’t currently have the facility to open a Tier II account, but say that it will be introduced shortly. I don’t know of any other online broker other than ICICI at this point in time that’s offering this service. This info was left by Dr.

Shetti in a comment, and I’m not familiar with how the entire process looks like, so before you start entering the details there I suggest giving them a call and find out more. Computer Age Management Services Pvt. If someone has first hand experience with this then please do leave a comment. If you don’t have an ICICI Direct account and are interested in opening a NPS account, then this file should prove to be a good starting point for you as it will tell you where you can go and find some people who actually know what NPS is.

What is a Demat account and how can you open one? Thanks for putting the consolidated information together. Its a very good scheme by Government but not getting popularity among common people as it should have. I see a lot of comments from employers who seem to belong to the unorganized sector interested in NPS so that’s good as well.

I thought of opening an NPS account but i am not very happy with the performance really. I would probably wait till DTC kicks in to have another look at it. I have a mutual fund account with them and they have NPS as well. Funds India option totally online or how does it work? I think I should update my post with that info. I opened my NPS account with ICICI Bank, MG Road Branch, Bangalore.