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It is the island’s only fully operational airport. Boeing 737-800NG marking the commencement of airport codes international pdf on 1 October 2011. The current state of urban development is major constraint to an expansion.

Therefore, the development of the new Lombok Airport will enhance the development of Mataram city. Ministry of Cultural and Tourism, and the regional governor have made public statements supporting the development of Lombok as a tourism destination and setting a goal of 1 million visitors annually by the year 2012 for the combined destination of Lombok and Sumbawa. This has seen infrastructure improvements to the island including road upgrades and the construction of a much delayed new international airport in the islands south. The construction was delayed and the opening date re-scheduled several times.

Many issues were understood to be contributing to the delays including problems with site security, thefts of construction materials and equipment from the site, issues of land disputation and tensions with some of the local community over compensation, and employment on the site. Other issues involved the quality of construction of the main runway and taxiways and problems with the control tower. Delays also occurred in ratifying access for surface transport corridors including right of ways for the main connecting road to the city of Mataram. The surface connections were still under construction in late 2010 and some of the rights of way for the connecting highway to Mataram were in disputation with the current landowners at the time of opening the airport. In September 2010 the NTB governor, TGH M Zainul Majdi, expressed his concerns over the ongoing delays in achieving a 2010 opening and services launch in a letter to the vice president of Indonesia, the Ministry of BUMN, Ministry of Transportation as to Angkasa Pura I the airport operator. The secretary of commission III NTB Council, Suharto reported in 2010 that the delays to completion of the Lombok International Airport were due to a lack of funding to the order of Rp 76 Billion. Aside from the funding shortfalls the issues stated to be constraining completion were the completion of an airport service road, aviation signage, terminal interiors, a terminal expansion from 12,000 to 21,000 sq m, power supplies, drainage and sewage works, and the completion of the construction of access roads.