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They are disappointed until the day they take Ax to the cinema. Animorphs the message pdf man’s Yeerk is seen dying publicly. However, a Controller-policeman kills the free man.

Yeerk who controlled one of Jake’s teachers is seen dying as well. Chapman appears, orders the students to leave, and kills the non-Controller teacher. Jake and the other Animorphs become very angry with Ax because they feel betrayed. Innocent people are dying as a result of their actions. Ax retorts that they would not have destroyed the Kandrona had they known the consequences, to which Jake replies that Ax still has a lot to learn about humans.

Ax would trust them if they trusted him. However, Marco forgets the money they collected for him to buy a book at home, so he and Ax go to Marco’s house to pick it up. While Ax waits for Marco in the living room, he plays what he thinks is a game on Marco’s father’s computer called “Fix the mistakes. He ends up messing up the computer.

It turns out that he had developed a new system that was very advanced. Before destroying it, he used it to communicate with his home world. There, an Andalite made him assume all the responsibility for Elfangor’s action and is consequently forgiven. When he was about to speak with his parents, he is interrupted by a Controller whose loved one had died when Visser Three chose to sacrifice her after the Kandrona’s destruction. To avenge her, he tells Ax where and when Visser Three feeds his Andalite body.

Ax decides to go alone and not tell the others about the information he received. He poisons Visser Three by morphing into a rattlesnake and biting him. As Ax is about to die, the Animorphs arrive to save him. However, Ax is unable to kill a fellow Andalite, so Visser Three’s host Alloran-Semitur-Corrass asks him to tell his family that he is still alive and that he has not lost hope. Ax returns to the observatory, calls his home planet, and delivers Alloran’s message.