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Advanced Placement logo – College Board. The College Board provides a course of study to ap psychology notes pdf educators prepare their students for the AP Psychology exam.

The exam covers the following 14 areas. The multiple choice provides two-thirds of the grade and the free-response provides the remaining third. Beginning with the May 2011 AP Exam administration, total scores on the multiple-choice section are based only on the number of questions answered correctly. Points are no longer deducted for incorrect answers. This page was last edited on 28 November 2017, at 10:38. This is a good article. Follow the link for more information.

AP Statistics classes has increased at a higher rate than in any other AP class. Students may receive college credit or upper-level college course placement upon the successful completion of a three-hour exam ordinarily administered in May. The exam consists of a multiple choice section and a free response section that are both 90 minutes long. Each section is weighted equally in determining the students’ composite scores. The Advanced Placement program has offered students the opportunity to pursue college-level courses while in high school. College Board administered the first AP Statistics exam in May 1997.

Prior to that, the only mathematics courses offered in the AP program included AP Calculus AB and BC. Students who didn’t have a strong background in college-level math, however, found the AP Calculus program inaccessible and sometimes declined to take a math course in their senior year. Since the number of students required to take statistics in college is almost as large as the number of students required to take calculus, the College Board decided to add an introductory statistics course to the AP program. AP program’s math offerings became accessible to a much wider audience of high school students. A total of 7,667 students took the exam during the first administration, which is the highest number of students to take an AP exam in its first year. Since then, the number of students taking the exam rapidly grew to 98,033 in 2007, making it one of the 10 largest AP exams.

The six-member AP Statistics Test Development Committee is responsible for developing the curriculum. Appointed by the College Board, the committee consists of three college statistics teachers and three high school statistics teachers who are typically asked to serve for terms of three years. Emphasis is placed not on actual arithmetic computation, but rather on conceptual understanding and interpretation. Along with the course curriculum, the exam is developed by the AP Statistics Test Development Committee as well. With the help of other college professors, the committee creates a large pool of possible questions that is pre-tested with college students taking statistics courses.