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This article is about scientific estimates of the age of the universe. 21 million are we alone in the universe pdf, based on a number of projects that all give extremely close figures for the age.

In contrast, theories of the origin of the primordial state remain very speculative. This singularity is not understood as having a physical significance in the usual sense, but it is convenient to quote times measured “since the Big Bang” even though they do not correspond to a physically measurable time. Big Bang” is a well-defined era in the universe’s evolution. If one referred to the same era as “13. The problem of determining the age of the universe is closely tied to the problem of determining the values of the cosmological parameters. The first observation that one can make from this formula is that it is the Hubble parameter that controls that age of the universe, with a correction arising from the matter and energy content. In general this must be done numerically, and the results for a range of cosmological parameter values are shown in the figure.