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P90X comes with a choice of three different workout schedules so you can tailor the program to fit your exact fitness goals. Back and biceps workout pdf The Best Home Workout Routines!

It has been purchased by workout fanatics all over the globe in an effort to obtain the shredded, lean physique we all dream of and continues to deliver results today. One of the caveats of P90X is that it is intended for those with some sort of fitness background. If you prefer to start off slow and want to stick with the basics, your best option is to go with the P90X Classic Workout Schedule. The other two options are the Lean and Doubles Workout Schedules. All three schedules vary when it comes to the number of resistance versus cardiovascular workouts that you will be doing each week during the ninety day training period.

One variant that is constant is the single rest day you get with P90X. Whether you opt for the Classic, Lean or Doubles, you will only get one rest day per week. The beauty and a definite perk of purchasing a program such as P90X with three different workout schedules is that you can do the program three times and, each time, achieve different results. The program is extremely versatile and can help virtually anyone meet their fitness goals.

P90X is the Most Extreme Home Fitness Training System Ever! The Classic Workout Schedule features three days of resistance training workouts. This includes using free weights, dumbbells, barbells , resistance bands, pull up bars and exercise balls. The other three days you will be doing cardiovascular and yoga workouts. The Lean Workout Schedule is geared towards those that prefer cardio activity. It is intended to help you lean out and burn fat faster.

It has less of a focus on building muscle and more on cutting your muscles to make them more prevalent. With the Lean Workout Schedule, you will do cardio and yoga workouts for four days, resistance training for two days and you will have one rest or stretch day. The Doubles Workout Schedule is exactly what the name says. It has you doing double workouts each day. You will work out with the Classic Workout Schedule for the first thirty days on the Doubles Schedule. 90, you will be adding a strength workout in the morning and a cardio workout in the evening. The Doubles Workout Schedule is extremely intense and was designed to give you the best results in the shortest amount of time.

Although working out two times per day will definitely give you fast results, it is recommended that you begin with either the Classic or the Lean Workout Schedules before taking on the challenge of Doubles. The schedule of Doubles is demanding on the body and can cause you to overwork your body and muscles if you are not careful. It is suggested that you consult with your physician prior to beginning any exercise program. If, after consulting with your physician you are given the go ahead to begin P90X, you can check out the P90X Workout Sheets below and see which approach you would like to start out with.

If you prefer, download a copy of a P90X Workout Schedule PDF from this site or any of the Beachbody affiliated sites as well. Your email address will not be published. Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon. The 3 day split is one of the best bodybuilding workout routines for gaining muscle. Here is an effective routine with one tweak that makes it even better.

Is your workout setup for max results? One of the most traditional bodybuilding workout routines is the 3 day split. There are many variations of the 3 day split but overall they are all similar. The 3 day split is a very popular workout routine and arguably the best approach to building mass. What I really like about this routine over other bodybuilding workout routines is that you are able to focus on working one group of muscles at a time, allowing other groups to rest. Now, when you think of bodybuilders you might think of those guys that are just plain huge. Big round muscles bulging out of their shirt and forearms the size of most guy’s legs.

Often those who concentrate too much on bodybuilding workout routines will look a bit rounded and soft. Once you build enough size, focus on shaping and toning the muscle. A good way to avoid having this soft look is to add in different sets and reps along with strategic cardio. When it comes to pure size though, traditional bodybuilding workout routines do work better. With a solid 3 day split and proper nutrition you can expect to make some fairly decent gains.

Some will rest for a second day on day 9 while others will get right back into their workouts. While this is a good approach there is one tweak that I recommend. When it comes to building mass there is one basic and accepted fact — you’ve got to blitz the muscle that you want to grow. All bodybuilding workout routines should focus on this. In order to get your muscle to grow you’ve got to break it down. By doing this it will come back bigger, stronger, more dense or more full, depending upon how you train. Muscles are built in the kitchen and not in the gym.

Most likely you’ve heard the cliché that muscles are built in the kitchen and not in the gym. Not only does this apply to your diet but also to your recovery time. Instead of lifting three days in a row, always resting your chest, shoulders and triceps the least while your legs, calves and abs get the most rest try this tweak. Add in a rest day after two straight days of lifting. This will help you break up your workout and will allow alternating muscle groups more rest. You can see that after the first two lift days you rest after working your back and biceps.