Bacterial wilt of tomato pdf

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The genomes from different strains varies from 5. 5 Mb up to 6 Mb, bacterial wilt of tomato pdf being 3.

5 Mb of a chromosome and 2 Mb of a megaplasmid. I-IV are found in Asia, America, Africa, and Oceania, respectively. 100 of the World’s Worst Invasive Alien Species’ in 2004. Kahili ginger in Hawaiian forests because of its wide host range. Wilting begins with lower leaves and petioles and works its way up the plant. No leaf spots are evident.

Eventually, the entire plant collapses on the medium. White runny material oozes from cut stems. Wilting of the leaves occurs at the end of the day with recovery at night. Plants eventually fail to recover and die. Brown staining of vascular ring happens and pus may exude from the ring when the tuber is squeezed.

Pale ooze may exude from eyes and heel end of potato. Soil will adhere to the oozing eyes. Cross-section of a stem placed in water will exude milky white strands. Unlike the fungal wilts, the leaves remains green in bacterial wilt. Infected land sometimes cannot be used again for susceptible crops for several years. In most cases, this stage is not an agricultural threat because the bacteria usually become avirulent after recovering.