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Early example of LEGO Technic. Technic sets are often characterised by the presence of special pieces, such as gears, axles, and battery parts and functions pdf. Other special pieces include beams and plates with holes in them, through which the axles could be installed. The style of Lego Technic sets has been changing over time.

Technic sets produced since the year 2000 use a different construction method, described as “studless construction”. Studs are the small circular knobs which appear on traditional Lego bricks. This method utilises beams and pins rather than Technic bricks. Lego line of robotic products, also uses a large number of Technic pieces, although it is sold as a separate line of products. Lego Technic system expands on the normal LEGO bricks with a whole range of new bricks that offer new function and building styles. These holes can accommodate pins, which enable two beams to be held securely together side-by-side, or hinged at an angle. The holes also act as bearings for axles, on which gears and wheels can be attached to create complex mechanisms.

1989 and through the 1990s and 2000s and increasing number of liftarm designs have been introduced over time. A construction using the old pieces with studs. Technic sets since 1989, the change from primarily studded to primarily studless construction around the year 2000 represented a major paradigm shift and has been quite controversial. Initially liftarms were use primary as styling parts, or to create smaller sub-assemblies which attached to a studded chassis. With an increasing number of liftarm designs introduced, a tipping point was reached around the year 2000 with models introduced primarily constructed from liftarms instead of traditional beams. A vehicle using the new pieces without studs.