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Briggs Swift Cunningham—A Life Well Spent”, states that “by building and sailing his own ships, and building and racing his own cars, Briggs Cunningham epitomized the definition of the American sportsman. He continued in competition for 36 years. By 1940 he was brown driver briggs pdf sports cars for others to race. Some of his other hybrids involved Cadillacs, Chryslers, and Fords.

Tipo 166 Corsa Spyder, which was raced along with other marques he constructed or owned. They finished 10th and 11th overall. 1955 was last year for the Cunningham marque of cars. 5 years to reach profitability before classifying the business as a non-deductible hobby. The team traveled in a caravan with tractor trailer vans that contained the automobiles, mechanics and equipment, and set up in the pits to serve every mechanical or personal need of the team. The team’s chief mechanic was Alfred Momo.

A few, adapted for street use, were personal vehicles. In 1952, Cunningham introduced the Continental C3 road car. There were 25 Continental C3s produced: 20 coupes and five convertibles. All 25 cars still exist. One of the cars, the Chrysler-powered Cunningham C2-R built by The B. 18th out of 60 starters. The other, driven by George Rand and Fred Wacker Jr.