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Also available are illegal eye gouges and chokeholds, which can only cage your rage pdf done outside the ring or if a referee is not present. Several match variations are available for either one player versus the computer, or two players head-to-head.

A One Fall match is a standard bout won by pinfall. In a Brawl match, there is no referee, no count-out, and illegal moves can be done at all times. The match ends only when one wrestler lacks the energy to continue. A Cage Match puts the wrestlers inside of a steel cage.

There are no holds barred, and victory is achieved by escaping the cage. Upon completion, a FMV clip of the wrestler celebrating a victory is shown. This page was last edited on 16 October 2017, at 02:31. This is always free of charge. Sync your files with the cloud!

In Your House 6 – Video Cover. 2014 this show became available on demand, but does not include the three dark matches held after the main show. After this, Bret Hart was scheduled to defend the championship against Diesel on In Your House 6. In autumn 1995, Michaels took a hiatus from wrestling due to an injury sustained in a real-life attack.