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Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Calculus’s deafness is a frequent source of humour, as he repeats back what he thinks he has heard, usually in the most unlikely words possible. He does not admit calculus for engineers pdf being near-deaf and insists he is only a little hard of hearing in one ear. Although HergĂ© had included characters with similar traits in earlier stories, Calculus developed into a much more complex figure as the series progressed.

Calculus usually interprets this the other way round: his deafness often leads him to misinterpret Haddock’s words, preventing him from hearing his real opinion. Additionally, he often diverts the subject of a conversation by responding to a misinterpreted remark. For example, “But I never knew you had. Calculus to respond, “No, young man, I am not mad! In the same book he believes that Tintin and Haddock are talking about his sister, before remembering a few moments later that he does not have a sister. He is not perturbed by his handicap, even if it is a source of deep frustration to his friends.

He himself does not admit to being near-deaf and insists that he is “only a little hard of hearing in one ear. This made him a more serious character, even displaying leadership qualities that had not been shown before or since. His lab is also stripped of all its apparatus in the same book. Calculus almost destroyed half of Marlinspike in an explosion.