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Чтобы выполнить поиск, нажмите “Ввод”. More commonly SLI results from the combined influence celf 5 scoring manual pdf multiple genetic variants, each of which is found in the general population, as well as environmental influences.

Usually the first indication of SLI is that the child is later than usual in starting to speak and subsequently is delayed in putting words together to form sentences. In general, the term SLI is reserved for children whose language difficulties persist into school age, and so it would not be applied to toddlers who are late to start talking, most of whom catch up with their peer group after a late start. The terminology for children’s language disorders is extremely wide-ranging and confusing, with many labels that have overlapping but not necessarily identical meanings. In part this confusion reflects uncertainty about the boundaries of SLI, and the existence of different subtypes. This is misleading, as SLI is not caused by brain damage.

SLI, and includes children with speech and language difficulties arising from a wide range of causes. Although most experts agree that children with SLI are quite variable, there is little agreement on how best to subtype them. There is no widely accepted classification system. Also, although most experts would agree that children with characteristics of the Rapin subtypes can be identified, there are many cases who are less easy to categorise, and there is also evidence that categorisation can change over time. This is a very rare form of language impairment, in which the child appears unable to make sense of speech sounds.

SLI would not be appropriate, as there is a known neurological origin of the language difficulties. Another key feature is inconsistency of speech sound production from one occasion to another. Outside Rapin’s group, little has been written about this subtype, which is not generally recognised in diagnostic frameworks. The child has word finding problems and difficulty putting ideas into words. There is poor comprehension for connected speech. Again, there is little research on this subtype, which is not widely recognised.

Debate has centred over the question of whether it is a subtype of SLI, part of the autistic spectrum, or a separate condition. Although textbooks draw clear boundaries between different neurodevelopmental disorders, there is much debate about overlaps between them. SLI is defined purely in behavioural terms: there is no biological test for SLI. There is considerable variation in how this last criterion is implemented.