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Even in cases when patients had been brought into the hospital on emergencies central government health scheme pdf was required that money was paid at every point of service delivery. In 2003, the scheme was passed into law. Under the law, there was the establishment of Ghana National Health Insurance Authority which licenses, monitors and regulates the operation of health insurance schemes in Ghana. The National Health Insurance Scheme is a form of National health insurance established by the Government of Ghana.

The scheme provides equitable access and financial coverage for basic health care services to the Ghanaian population. The objective of the NHIC is to secure the implementation of the national health insurance policy that ensures access to basic healthcare services to all residents of Ghana. The health insurance was set up to allow Ghanaian citizens to make contributions into a fund so that in the event of illness Ghanaian contributors could be supported by the fund to receive affordable health care. Under this policy, three types of health insurance schemes were set up. The District-Wide Mutual Health Insurance Scheme. The Private Mutual Health Insurance Scheme. The Private Commercial Health Insurance Scheme.

Cash and carry’ regime to another unaffordable Health Insurance one. The quality of health care provision is not compromised under Health Insurance. Like all insurance schemes, different types of premiums are available under the country’s NHIS. Ghanaian contributors are grouped according to their levels of income. Based on the group a Ghanaian contributor may fall in, there is specific premium that ought to be paid. This meant that Ghanaian contributions payable could vary from one district to the other as even the disease burden was also not the same in all the districts.

Health Insurance Levy on selected goods and services was passed into law so that the money collected could be put into a National Health Insurance Fund to subsidize fully paid contributions to the District Health Insurance Schemes. In order to ensure the continuity of the scheme, two major lists were made. One had the all the conditions that the scheme could cover with the other the excluded conditions. Certain diseases were however excluded from the benefit package because it was considered to be too expensive to treat. Since the inception of the scheme in 2003, there have been a lot of controversies surrounding its operation and purpose. As such many members of NDC did not want to register with the scheme.