Certified scrum master study guide pdf

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For certified scrum master exam answers you must go through real exam. We discuss in these certified scrum master exam online from different topics like psm scrum certified scrum master study guide pdf, certified scrum master mock test 2017. To get pass agile alliance scrum master certification 2017 you must answers correct.

You will get mock test answers after click submit button at bottom. Q:1-Which one of the following statements about meetings is true for Scrum projects? Q:2-How a team knows when a backlog item is done? Q:3-What is the primary purpose of the sprint review? Q:4-Which of the following is a best descriptionfor the Scrum meaning of time box? Q:5-Which of the following is NOT a product owner’s responsibility?

Q:6-What is meant by Team Velocity in Scrum projects? Q:8-A Scrum approach advocates which of the following approaches? Scrum Master Exam Sample Questions. For Free Online Scrum Master Training sample questions you must go through real exam. To get pass scrum master certification exam you must answers correct. Q:1-Who ultimately decides when the team has enough work for the sprint in planning?