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This page was last edited on 22 October 2016, at 20:10. Please forward this error screen to 199. These are agents who have been seen as active during any book cherub the recruit pdf download the series. The protagonist, James suffers from anger management difficulties, often landing him in trouble.

CHERUB following the death of his mother. James has had many girlfriends, notably Kerry Chang and Dana Smith, both fellow agents. He is said to be intelligent particularly at maths but being extremely lazy in school as well. Robert Muchamore later confirmed that it did. At the end of his CHERUB life, he returns to his “Choke” surname and switches his two forenames around, to become Robert James Choke. CHERUB agents, before helping Ethan Aramov to get information from Leonid. Russian girl called Anna who had been trafficked by Russian men but got separated and rescued.

Lauren ends up being kidnapped by the men along with Anna and has to fight her way out. When she returns to campus she takes out her anger at what she saw on James but they reconcile later. Greg “Rat” Rathbone, who she met on her second mission in Australia. Lauren eventually travels to live in Australia following her retirement from CHERUB and enters racing championships with partner Rat, excelling in the sport. A key character in the early stories, Kyle recruited James into CHERUB through sharing a room with him in the children’s home James inhabits following the death of his mother. Kyle is renowned around campus for his unauthorized DVD business.

Kyle expresses that while Tom is a target, that he believes that Tom is a good person at heart. He spends an afternoon with Tom in James’s bed, and James finds a sock in his bed and displays displeasure. James describes him as his closest mate although he could be a bit of an old woman sometimes, James is homophobic and this is why Kyle is less open about the fact that he’s gay. Kerry is recruited to CHERUB in 1998, after losing both her parents in an apartment block fire in 1995, and being found wandering the streets alone.