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Generally chicken fry in telugu pdf for its tangy, hot and spicy taste, the cooking is very diverse due to the vast spread of the people and varied topological regions. India influences the liberal use of spices — making the food one of the richest and spiciest in the world.

There are many regional variations due to topographic differences in Telugu-speaking populations spread over a large area. They can be classified based by region into Coastal Andhra, Rayalaseema, Telangana cuisine. Cultural factors that have heavily influenced the cuisine over the years are the eating habits of the Hindu royal, Brahmin and the Muslim Nawabi royal families. Andhra Pradesh and Telangana states proximity with Western, Central and Eastern India makes those border regions’ cuisine more diverse with Telugu population spread into neighboring states.

Different communities have their own variations and the rural areas still follow the century old cooking habits and recipes. Hence rice, dal and seafood are the staple diet of the people. This region has its own variations, but ultimately the dishes are predominantly rice-based. This region is one of the largest producers of rice and chilies. Nellore region in the southern part of the region has its own unique recipes, which are markedly different from those in the Uttarandhra region.

Cuisine of this area has its own distinctive flavours and unique taste, while it shares many similarities with Andhra region cuisine. The people of this region like to eat many of their foods sweeter than other regions of Andhra Pradesh. This dish is had during festive days when people fast during the day and have it at night. It can be had with rice or uppupindi. The pickles vary from other regions of Andhra Pradesh. They sun dry mango pieces with mustard powder, red pepper powder and salt soaked in sesame oil to give the pickle extended shelf life.