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That’s right place you just reached. These questions are collected from 2017 real CISSP exams. Our quick 10 questions theory test for operatives based mock cissp tests are best for quick learners. 250 cscs test questions you should go for min 170 correct answers. Because if by any chance you see any questions different as of you mock tests. Go for it get it. Q:1-Which of the following is not EPA-approved replacements for Halon?

Q:2-Which security measure would be the best deterrent to the theft of corporate information from a laptop which was left in a hotel room? Install a cable lock on the laptop when it is unattended. Encrypt the data on the hard drive. Remove the batteries and power supply from the laptop and store them separately from the computer. Q:4-This IPsec mode encapsulates the entire IP packet between IPsec nodes. Q:6-______ communications rely on clocking systems at the sending and receiving ends to sync, rather than stop and start bits.

Q:7-Security guards are appropriate whenever the function required by the security program involves which of the following? The use of discriminating judgment. The need to detect unauthorized access. Q:8-Which of the following questions is less likely to help in assessing physical and environmental protection? Is physical access to data transmission lines controlled? Are entry codes changed periodically? Are there processes to ensure that unauthorized individuals cannot read, copy, alter, or steal printed or electronic information?

Are appropriate fire suppression and prevention devices installed and working? For free cissp exam questions you must go through real exam. We discuss in these cissp exam practice from different topics like cissp practice questions, mock examination 2017. To get pass cissp online test you must answers correct.

You will get mock test answers after click submit button at bottom. If any question wrong just click on go back button to correct it. Cannot be safeguarded against, not even through mutual authentication using protocols such as IPsec. Q:2-____ tunnels NetBEUI and IPX protocols.

Faxing must be incorporated into security policies. Faxes can be logged and audited. Occurs when recovery procedure cannot recover the system to a more consistent state. The system, TCB, and user objects may remain in an inconsistent state while the system attempts to recover itself. Procedures that restore a system and its data in a trusted manner after the system was disrupted or a system failure occurred. Securely restoring a system after a hard drive failure.

Finding missing equipment and verifying that security policies were not violated. An operating system regaining a secure state after a brief lapse into an insecure state. Having an undisciplined change control process. Having a well-structured change management process. The immediate implementation of all requested changes so as to assure ultimate customer satisfaction. Thresholds for certain types of errors or mistakes. Recorded for further review once they have been exceeded.