Citizenship in the community merit badge book pdf

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Explain what citizenship in the nation means and what it takes to be a good citizen of this country. Discuss the rights, duties, and obligations of a responsible and active American citizen. Citizenship by definition is granted by a nation-state to a person born in it or given the rights by its government after immigrating there. One can also apply for citizenship by that nations’ laws, by legal marriage to one of its citizens or any other combination of requirements of that state, for example after living for sometime there and having a permanent residence. Being a good citizen should mean being of value and compliant in the eyes of the state. While the notion of citizenship makes only sense in the context of statehood, that is, the legal constructions that are limited by a territory, a nation, the classification of good or bad tends only to relate, in its most basic form, to how a person obeys the laws of the land as set by its government body and enforced by law officials and the courts.

Noting that since states tend to last longer than its governance, someone that is labeled a bad citizen today may receive accolades for that criticized behavior in future circles of governance, and vice versa. A good citizen also requires one to be an informed citizen and a participative citizen, by engaging in economic-political-social activities for the betterment of the state. As such knowing the national issues and problems by following news broadcast and press is of extreme importance, but remaining aware that control of the media is the control of the discourse, even your own, so, one should seek as many divergent and independent viewpoints as possible. Support and defend the Constitution. Stay informed of the issues affecting your community. Participate in the democratic process. Respect and obey federal, state, and local laws.