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An improper integral of the first kind. The integral may need to comparison test for improper integrals pdf defined on an unbounded domain.

An improper Riemann integral of the second kind. Sometimes integrals may have two singularities where they are improper. Thus this is a doubly improper integral. Riemann sum is not possible. It might also happen that an integrand is unbounded near an interior point, in which case the integral must be split at that point. For the integral as a whole to converge, the limit integrals on both sides must exist and must be bounded. An improper integral converges if the limit defining it exists.

It is also possible for an improper integral to diverge to infinity. This is called divergence by oscillation. A limitation of the technique of improper integration is that the limit must be taken with respect to one endpoint at a time. This definition also applies when one of these integrals is infinite, or both if they have the same sign. Can the limit be computed? In using improper integrals, it can matter which integration theory is in play.

Lebesgue integrable and improper Riemann integrable functions. In such cases, the improper Riemann integral allows one to calculate the Lebesgue integral of the function. An improper integral may diverge in the sense that the limit defining it may not exist. In this case, there are more sophisticated definitions of the limit which can produce a convergent value for the improper integral.

The improper integral can also be defined for functions of several variables. These definitions apply for functions that are non-negative. 448: “The relevant notion here is that of unconditional convergence. In fact, for improper integrals of such functions, unconditional convergence turns out to be equivalent to absolute convergence.

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