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Specific controller for three Arkanoid games. This feature was unavailable in the NES version due to it not being compatible with the Data Recorder. Computer accessories list pdf controllers were permanently attached to the Famicom. A unit that read non standard disks with content downloaded from Nintendo Disk Writer vending machines at stores.

Allows 4 players to play games at once. Not compatible with the NES Satellite or other NES 4-player adapters. Japan and allowed a small number of games to be downloaded. Plugs into system’s expansion slot for use with headphones. A mat that allowed users to control games using their feet. Connected the Famicom to an online service.

There are many option IC cards for connecting online services. A cleaning kit for the Nintendo FDS. Arcade style joystick with Turbo control for the Famicom. Controller with turbofire and adapter for headphones. Connected to the right side controller nest.

A quiz show buzzer controller for use of up to six people. NES to Famicom cartridge adaptor. Joystick conversion cover for the Famicom Controller. A NES to Famicom adaptor. The officially licensed wireless infrared remote controller for the NES. Allows the NES to play Aladdin game cartridges.

The original rectangle NES controller. It’s also nicknamed the Dog Bone controller. Allows Famicom expansion port accessories to be used on the original NES, also mixes extra audio input from the cartridge slot. The only device actually released to make use of the NES expansion port. Adaptor to convert any controller into a wireless one. Cheat code adapter for NES cartridges. It was primarily given away for free to all Game Genie owners, but only if they made a mail order phone request for one.

After mail orders were no longer accepted some of the leftover stock did appear for sale in limited quantities at lesser known convenience stores. A one-handed flight stick that controls by tilting. Famicom and NES cartridge adaptor. A hands free controller designed specifically for people with physical limitations and special needs. A and B buttons, and a chin stick for directional movement. This product was offered exclusively through Nintendo’s consumer service number and was not sold in stores. Turbo controller with cord on the left instead of top.

Called “Innovation 8 Bit Controller” on box and “Innovation Joypad” on the actual controller. Programmable control pad with an LCD screen. Game that teaches keyboarding with a real keyboard. Locking device with key to prevent play. A controller with a sliding control pad and rapid-fire buttons. Flight simulator style NES controller.