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Development software for creating video games, tools and apps. Powered by Slider Revolution 5. The Computer graphics and multimedia tutorial pdf Factory 2 interface. MMF2 image and animation editor.

Discover the awesome power of the graphics editor built into the program. MMF2 and the various objects you can use to display them. An amazing archive of example files for The Games Factory 2 and Multimedia Fusion 2. You can certainly find many things of interest here and can discover various ways to impliment things in the programs. All about scrolling the screen and frame!

You’re going to learn from common scrolling to more advanced “Parallaxing” scrolling. A classic and excellent tutorial explaining the basics of the INI file. The INI is an excellent choice for saving data between use of your creations. Really not a lot to say except a very complete rundown of the INI object and how to sue it. After reading thru this easy to follow tutorial you should be an INI expert. This easy to follow tutorial will get you started building a classic catch the falling object game.

This easy to follow tutorial will lead you thru the creation of an autorun CD-ROM menu. A simple to follow two part tutorial on how to make a screen saver. The Active Object is the prime object in Multimedia Fusion. Probably all applications made in MMF2 have at least one active object. In the earlier klik products the Active Object was the only object that you could draw graphics for, assign movements to, give alterable values to and in general do fun stuff with at runtime. Today MMF2 offer quite a few objects that have the basics of the Active Object, but it’s only the Active Object that has the great and powerful Animation Editor.

A great tutorial on game building! Build a 2 player pong game with scoring lives and defining controls. How to score and track the lives in your game. All in this one easy to follow tutorial.

Are you confused about fixed values, global values, global strings, flags, alterable values and so forth in Multimedia Fusion and The Games Factory? If so this little read thru PDF will give you the basics of these very useful data storage variables for use in your creations. A perfect tutorial to do after you have done the Choco-Break tutorial included with the program. Build a fun snowboarding game! We are going to create a lateral scrolling game, similar to the old Defender arcade game.

In this clone of Defender you have to destroy all the enemies, and make sure they do not mutate when they reach the top of the screen! In this article, we will assume that you understand the fundamentals of Games Factory or Multimedia Fusion : how to enter a new condition, how to enter an action etc. Explore the oceans and sink submarines. If you have never used The Games Factory or Multimedia Fusion before, we highly suggest that you follow the Chocobreak tutorial. You can find this tutorial inside the program under the help menu then tutorial. They run a summer camp where they build games using Multimedia Fusion 2 Developer. With this screencast tutorial, you’ll create an infinitely scrolling, Canabalt-style platformer, from start to finish.