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Simpson family couch to 5k pdf treadmill the end of every credit sequence as they converge on their living-room couch to watch TV. The couch gag changes from episode to episode and usually features the Simpson family’s living room couch.

A typical gag features the Simpsons running into the living room, only to find some abnormality with the couch, be it a bizarre and unexpected occupant, an odd placement of the couch, such as on the ceiling, or any number of other situations, such as to make a pop culture reference. The production code refers to the code assigned to the episode by the production team. The first two characters refer to the season the episode was made for. The first season is 7Gxx, the second is 7Fxx, the third is 8Fxx and the fourth is 9Fxx. The number at the end of the code is the order in which the episode was produced in a production run. The Simpsons pile on to the couch and sit in a normal manner.

The Simpsons do an Egyptian dance before piling on to the couch. Homer’s weight tips the couch over sideways and Maggie sits on a couch cushion on the floor. The Simpsons enter the living room to discover the couch missing. Homer bumps the others onto the floor one-by-one and takes the couch for himself. Maggie pops up from behind it. Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?

The family sits on the couch. A space alien is on the couch with a drink in hand. Before the family can come in, it escapes through a trap door in the floor. The family comes in and sits as normal. Bart comes in moments later and lies stretched out on everyone’s laps.