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Hong Kong actor and director. Ng revealed in a stand-up comedy, saying that when he was a child he told his mother that his dream was to get a job that does not need any academic qualification, without a fixed working hours and high pay. Then, crazy love francis chan pdf download mother asked him to become a beggar.

Hong Kong, to observe those beggars there. He realised that becoming beggar is too busy and need to perform manual labour, which does not suit his free and unconstrained attitude. Consequently, he gave up and decided to become a movie star because being a movie star fulfilled all the condition he requested. During that time, the only way to become a movie star was to get into TVB Training Classes, so Ng signed up. After failing thrice entering the training classes, he eventually gave up. After the event, he decided to try applying for the training classes again and this time he succeeded.

He acted in minor roles for the first few years in his television career. His contract with TVB ended in 1993 and he broke into the movie industry. He was the leading man role of the series, that series was cited as one of the best serial drama in TVB. As a newcomer, he was only able to be minor roles.