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English of the Chinese term for “crisis” as far as an anonymous editorial in a 1938 journal crisis of character pdf missionaries in China. Referencing the word has since become a staple meme for American business consultants and motivational speakers, as well as gaining popularity in educational institutions, politics and in the popular press. The Straight Dope: Is the Chinese word for “crisis” a combination of “danger” and “opportunity”? This page was last edited on 2 December 2017, at 16:52.

Microsoft Word – Character Development for Website. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Continuity in the DC Universe is divided into pre-Crisis and post-Crisis periods. Crisis is considered by many to be one of the most important and most influential comic book storylines of all time. He was later depicted flying, with his powers explained as deriving from Earth’s yellow sun.

Superman was the sole survivor of Krypton’s destruction. Issues also arose about the age of some characters. 30 years in real time to graduate from high school. The biggest perceived problem was DC’s vast array of parallel Earths. This pairing proved so popular that various other Golden Age superheroes at DC were revived, with the explanation that they lived on a parallel Earth, dubbed Earth-2, while the younger Silver Age superheroes lived on Earth-1. Over the years, various writers took liberties creating additional parallel Earths as plot devices, until in the early 1980s, it was perceived by DC management as not being reader-friendly enough for new readers to be able to keep track of.

Early in planning, a list was made of characters that were part of the DC Universe. How many handouts did you see? How many posters did you see in people’s windows? Despite this the series was successful, renewing interest in the company’s books and attracting readers with the slogan, “The DC Universe will never be the same”. The conflicting origins and stories of the DC universe are explained as a Multiverse, containing many parallel universes and alternate versions of the characters, with the primary DC continuity referred to as Earth-1. A cosmic being from the beginning of time known as the Monitor catalogues these realities, but unfortunately he has an evil counterpart, the Anti-Monitor, who comes from an antimatter universe. After an accident with Anti-matter on one universe, the Anti-Monitor begins destroying many of the realities with a wave of antimatter, planning on becoming sole ruler of all realities.

To combat this, the Monitor recruits heroes from across time and space to set up 5 towers, to help merge the multiverse back into one to make it stronger. Fortunately, his death releases enough energy to project the last five parallel Earths into a protective limbo. Earths enter the limbo universe. Anti-Monitor retreats and Supergirl dies.

Earth-Two’s Alexei Luthor while recruiting the Earth-One Lex Luthor to conquer the remaining Earths. The Anti-Monitor meanwhile creates a new body for himself, and tries to use an antimatter cannon to penetrate the limbo universe and destroy the five partially merged Earths. A furious Anti-Monitor absorbs the energy of millions of worlds and vows to travel back through time to prevent the creation of the multiverse. The villains fail, and Krona continues his experiment.

The Anti-Monitor waits for Alex Luthor to reopen the portal between the positive and antimatter universes, capturing the heroes, but a magically empowered Spectre creates an energy overload which shatters space and time. A cosmically empowered Anti-Monitor attacks again, transporting the new Earth to the antimatter universe and summoning a horde of shadow demons. In this final battle the Anti-Monitor, reduced to a flaming head, crashes into a star and is killed by the Earth-Two Superman. As they are the only four who remember the original past, Alex sends Earth-Two Superman, Earth-Two Lois Lane, Earth-Prime Superboy and himself to a pocket “paradise” dimension, leaving the heroes of the remaining earth to sort out the aftermath of this crisis. After the Anti-Monitor was destroyed for good, Kal-L from Earth-Two realizes that he is now alone, without his Earth, without his Lois, and now the new single Earth is without a Superman.