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This article cybertext perspectives on ergodic literature pdf about the literary neologism. This article has multiple issues. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

In ergodic literature, nontrivial effort is required to allow the reader to traverse the text. Aarseth defines as “texts that involve calculation in their production of scriptons”. The process of reading printed matter, in contrast, involves “trivial” extranoematic effort, that is, merely moving one’s eyes along lines of text and turning pages. A non-trivial effort is required for the reader to traverse the text, as the reader must constantly select which link to follow, but a link, when clicked, will always lead to the same node.

The reader carries out the calculation but the rules are clearly embedded in the text itself. It has been argued that these distinctions are not entirely clear and scholars still debate the fine points of the definitions. A stack of stained and mouldering newspapers, on the other hand, is ergodic literature. One of the major innovations of the concept of ergodic literature is that it is not medium-specific.