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После ответа на 27 простых вопросов Вы сможете сравнить Ваш экологический след с экологическим следом других стран и понять за счет чего define environmental degradation pdf уменьшить уровень нашего воздействия на Землю. How BIG is Your Ecological Footprint?

Examination of the population variation indicates a continuously increase of registered population and a rapid increase of floating population that mainly comes from neighboring provinces in recent years. With rapid urban sprawl, a large amount of cultivated lands has been replaced with building lands around urban areas and towns of Shanghai. Urbanization is correlated with the increase of air temperature, hot days and the decrease of relative humidity, wind speed and vegetation NDVI in Shanghai. The growth of UHI in Shanghai has been driven by the continuous increase of buildings, paved roads, buses, population and GDP, as well as the decrease of cultivated land.

Boosting the area of green land in urban areas has to a certain extent mitigated the UHI in Shanghai in recent years. 2001 satellite image, with the actual lake in blue. Another major contribution to the controversy comes from the sub-grouping of types of desertification. During most of these times, deserts have grown and shrunk independent of human activities. Desertification has played a significant role in human history, contributing to the collapse of several large empires, such as Carthage, Greece, and the Roman Empire, as well as causing displacement of local populations. China, where population was dense.

The impact of global warming and human activities are presented in the Sahel. In this area, the level of desertification is very high compared to other areas in the world. So, droughts are the rule in the Sahel region. The propagation of desertification in this area is considerable. Some statistics have shown that since 1900, the Sahara has expanded by 250 km to the south, covering an additional area of 6000 square kilometers.