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The picture on the right depicts the former approach. A model describing a SUT is usually an abstract, partial presentation of the SUT’s desired behavior. Test cases domain model in ooad pdf from such a model are functional tests on the same level of abstraction as the model. An abstract test suite cannot be directly executed against an SUT because the suite is on the wrong level of abstraction.

The executable test suite can communicate directly with the system under test. This is achieved by mapping the abstract test cases to concrete test cases suitable for execution. In some model-based testing environments, models contain enough information to generate executable test suites directly. This is called solving the “mapping problem”.

Tests can be derived from models in different ways. Because testing is usually experimental and based on heuristics, there is no known single best approach for test derivation. Model-based testing for complex software systems is still an evolving field. Models can also be constructed from completed systems.

Typical modeling languages for test generation include UML, SysML, mainstream programming languages, finite machine notations, and mathematical formalisms such as Z, B, Event-B, Alloy or coq. Typically, IXIT contains information on the test harness, data mappings and SUT configuration. Online testing means that a model-based testing tool connects directly to an SUT and tests it dynamically. PDF document describing the generated test steps in a human language.