Effective software project management robert k wysocki pdf

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Advanced approaches to extreme project management utilize the principles of human interaction management to deal with the complexities of human collaboration. For extreme project management to produce rapid change, it is necessary for all team members to communicate and reach full understanding. Effective software project management robert k wysocki pdf method is used during the project execution and change control process and it is not allowed to be used for overall strategy or project prioritization.

With it, you manage the unknown and unpredictable. It instills desire and confidence among stakeholders and it focuses on gaining and sustaining commitment to the project mission. It is a holistic approach, based on reality, managed by specialists. Traditional project management is defined as an approach which assesses the project through five process groups: initiation, planning, execution, monitoring and completion. While traditional project management is used for linear work, without any significant changes, extreme project management is ideal for fast-speed projects with unpredictable results.