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Elements of biblical exegesis pdf is often used as a derogatory term. Sumerian words or phrases as well. Cuneiform commentaries are important because they provide information about Mesopotamian languages and culture that are not available elsewhere in the cuneiform record.

However, the significance of cuneiform commentaries extends beyond the light they shed on specific details of Mesopotamian civilization. Finally, cuneiform commentaries are also the earliest examples of textual interpretation. It has been repeatedly argued that they influenced rabbinical exegesis. The publication and interpretation of these texts began in the mid-nineteenth century, with the discovery of the royal Assyrian libraries at Nineveh, from which ca. 454 text commentaries have been recovered.

The study of cuneiform commentaries is, however, far from complete. Before the 20th century, a commentary would be written by a sole author, but today a publishing board will commission a team of scholars to write a commentary, with each volume being divided out among them. However, each volume will inevitably lean toward the personal emphasis of its author, and within any commentaries there may be great variety in the depth, accuracy, and critical or theological strength of each volume. The main Christian exegetical methods are historical-grammatical, historical criticism, revealed, and rational. Biblical author’s original intended meaning in the text.