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Theatrical poster designed by Design Projects, Inc. During a traffic stop at night, a cop is stabbed to death en attendant bojangles pdf someone leaping from the bushes. TV and radio are reporting that the cop is his fifth victim.

Lisa gets the cigarettes and begins home only to realize that she is almost out of gas. All the gas stations appear to be closed. She gets increasingly alarmed as the attendant, who seems to be studying her car and its occupant, suddenly lunges at the car with the gas nozzle. After an argument about J. He repeatedly tries and fails to make it to the thirteenth level until the owner forces him to leave at closing time. That night, he sneaks out and breaks into the arcade to finally finish the game.

Bishop of Battle appears, drawing closer and closer to the terrified J. The scene cuts to the next morning, where his friends and family see J. At first, it just cuts him off and takes off. However, it keeps reappearing, forcing him off the road and damaging his car.

Satan blows up the priest’s car with the pickup truck by hitting it. With nowhere left to run, the former priest hurls the blessed water at the pickup truck, which is vaporized at the impact. The short ends as the police arrive later on the scene and the ambulance crew takes the injured priest back to the church. Even though Steven assures Claire that he will take care of the problem with a couple of rat traps in the attic, the disturbances progressively get worse, as objects start falling off shelves and the family cat is eaten. Steven comes home, criticizes his wife, and tells the exterminator to leave. Claire keeps consulting the exterminator and inevitably she and her family are forced into a showdown with a giant rat. Nothing spoils a horror story faster than a stupid victim.

The film was released on VHS by Universal Pictures in the 1980s. DVD issue of the film became extremely rare, with secondhand prices netting over one-hundred dollars. Opens: Collection of 4 Horror Tales”. SCREAM FACTORY: HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT OF 10 UPCOMING TITLES!