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The Endgame: The Inside Story of the Struggle for Iraq, from George W. End-Game”, a short story by British sci-fi author J. Endgame”, a track on R. This page was last edited on 10 December 2017, at endgame pdf free download:42.

Chess textbooks “My system”, “Course of chess lectures” and other remarkable works a long ago became “subpillows” books at many generations of chess-players. However much the market of chess literature continues to be filled up in a number of editions with the proud names as though the “Complete course of chess”, etc. We’ll try to publish the labours becomings cornerstone on a way to the chess tops of not alone generation of chess-players, and also other interesting and useful works, here tested time on middlegame, debut and end-game. Unfortunately, it is not always succeeded to set the authors of electronic versions of the books presented here, therefore will say simply: low for all you bow and thank you for excellent work! Forming a correct plan in the middle game is one of the most important aspects of chess and a feature that distinguishes the master from the amateur. The author uses complete games to illustrate which factors influence the selection of a correct plan and how this plan is carried out.

In addition he examines the established chess “rules” and how and when they can be broken. Existing books on chess endings were of two unsatisfactory types. Either they were too analytic and technical or too vague and general. There was a compelling need to combine the best features of both types into a single instructional chess endgame book format. So on my own I started to collect insightful endgame positions, explaining in both words and chess variations the concepts I judged to be most helpful to my students. My goal was to create an inventory of positions that would benefit any chessplayer who studied them.