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Forgetting also helps to reconcile the storage of new information with old knowledge. Problems with remembering, learning forgetting in psychology pdf retaining new information are a few of the most common complaints of older adults.

Memory performance is usually related to the active functioning of three stages. These three stages are encoding, storage and retrieval. Many different factors influence the actual process of forgetting. An example of one of these factors could be the amount of time the new information is stored in the memory.

Events involved with forgetting can happen either before or after the actual memory process. The amount of time the information is stored in the memory, depending on the minutes hours or even days, can increase or decrease depending on how well the information is encoded. Studies show that retention improves with increased rehearsal. It is subject to delicately balanced optimization that ensures that relevant memories are recalled. Emotional states are just one of the many factors that have been found to effect this process of forgetting. It is inability to encode, to store and retrieve the previously learned information from long-term memory over varying periods of times.