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With our straightforward user-friendly layout keeping in touch with the latest UK milk price developments couldn’t be fortunately the milk pdf simple. Launched in late Dec’03, we regularly update the site, making sure members don’t miss any major milk price developments. Our simple style of reporting, based on ‘facts only’ has quickly enabled members to trust our information as reliable, accurate and independent.

Prices are shown both before and after seasonality adjustments, which are weighted using the monthly RPA production figures as a profile guide. Each month we also give a guide to all upcoming confirmed milk price changes. Simply register at the top of this page and submit details to have immediate access to the site. Registration will be confirmed via e-mail, which will also contain your new membership number which should be quoted when submitting payment.

One subscription allows access from one computer. Deals for bulk corporate users available on request. Simply register at the top of this page and submit details. Immediate access to the site can be obtained if payment is made through Paypal.