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After the first successful backstep, and using intelligence from before, Parker stops the terrorist attack. Stopping Poe at the airport, Parker is briefly infected with the virus but manages to contain the contagion to himself. During his loops, Parker tries unsuccessfully to woo Dr. Parker tries to initiate another backstep on his own to save Clary, but is caught. Parker is able to both save the fiancé and stop the holdup. Parker 2 incapacitates the other and sides with General Starker and his vision, revealing to him the secrets of Project Backstep and assisting in their takeover of the facility.

Parker 1 secretly returns to Project Backstep and incapacitates his doppelgänger before replacing him at Starker’s right hand when the General arrives. Convincing Starker not to obliterate Project Backstep, Parker 1 attempts to backstep but is caught by Parker 2 and killed in a tussle. Sphere again so that two Parkers emerge again instead of one. Parker 1 kills his double and reports everything to the Backstep team.

Starker’s compound is raided by Project Backstep and China cancels its planned invasion. After the backstep, Parker is unable to stop the bombing, but uncovers that the NSA bombed their own facility to silence Rhodes and her investigation into an operation “Zebra”. Project Backstep forces secure their release and capture Gannon. The accident propelled him into the future to September 2025, and he claims he’s traveled back in time to return to his wife. Josef’s true plan is to secure the alien fuel source for Russia and sabotage Project Backstep before returning to the future with Olga. After he kills Ballard, Olga turns on Josef and the Russian chrononaut returns to the future with the Backstep fuel source. Backstepping only two days on the leftover fuel residue, Parker saves Ballard and Olga kills Josef.

After Donovan succumbs, a backstep is authorized to uncover what’s happening. After backstep however, Parker encounters “father” and is directed to kill Donovan’s previous target. Shaking off the wartime conditioning because as an orphan he never knew his real father, Parker kills “father” instead. After the backstep however, Parker regresses to a childlike state and is only belatedly useful at determining the mission in the past. The HAARP complex is overrun again, and the instructions are transmitted. Project Backstep and the press has descended on Never Never Land.