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A hob — the cutter used for hobbing. Compared to other gear forming processes gear hobbing machine manual pdf is relatively inexpensive but still quite accurate, thus it is used for a broad range of parts and quantities. 40:1 the hob rotates 40 times to each turn of the blank, which produces 40 teeth in the blank. If the hob has multiple threads the speed ratio must be multiplied by the number of threads on the hob.

The hob is then fed up into the workpiece until the correct tooth depth is obtained. Finally the hob is fed through the workpiece parallel to the blank’s axis of rotation. Often multiple blanks are stacked, then cut in one operation. 10 in pitch diameter and usually a maximum of a 10 in face width. Most hobbing machines are vertical hobbers, which means the blank is mounted vertically. A gear hob in a hobbing machine with a finished gear.

There are also special hobs designed for special gears such as the spline and sprocket gears. There are slight changes to the shape for generating purposes, such as extending the hob’s tooth length to create a clearance in the gear’s roots. Each hob tooth is relieved on the back side to reduce friction. Most hobs are single-thread hobs, but double-, and triple-thread hobs increase production rates.

The downside is that they are not as accurate as single-thread hobs. Depending on type of gear teeth to be cut, there are custom made hobs and general purpose hobs. Custom made hobs are different from other hobs as they are suited to make gears with modified tooth profile. The tooth profile is modified to add strength and reduce size and gear noise. If any portion of the hob profile is perpendicular to the axis then it will have no cutting clearance generated by the usual backing off process, and it will not cut well.

Gears for instruments and clockwork mechanisms. Tolerances of concentricity of the hob limit the lower modules which can be cut practically by hobbing to about 0. Many manufacturing firms that maintain museums of how products were produced in times past will have examples of manual gear hobs that helped to produce gears prior to the gears of the 19th century and earlier. Along with these completely manual gear hobs will be samples of some of the first semi-automated gear hobs, and finally examples of more recent technology that demonstrates the fully automated process that modern gear hobs use to produce gears today. A few producers of gear hobs also have interesting literature on the history of gear hobs, including details about how modern gear hobs can produce thousands of gears in a single hour. History of the Gear-Cutting Machine. This page was last edited on 14 March 2017, at 13:52.

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This article is about mechanical gears. Two meshing gears transmitting rotational motion. Note that the smaller gear is rotating faster. Since the larger gear is rotating less quickly, its torque is proportionally greater. One subtlety of this particular arrangement is that the linear speed at the pitch diameter is the same on both gears. The teeth on the two meshing gears all have the same shape.