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This is a good article. Follow the link for more information. She was retired from front-line service in September 1940 after undertaking eight war patrols, having sunk 17 vessels and damaging two others. She could german in 30 days pdf carry a total of eleven 53.

22 August 1939, before World War II began. 1,400 passengers, 112 of them, including 28 neutral Americans, died. Following the attack, the German Ministry of Propaganda checked incoming reports from both London and the German Naval High command. American naval attaché on 16 September 1939. Raeder then asked the attaché to inform the American government. However, not every submarine had returned to port, and all U-boats maintained radio silence while at sea. 27 September, Admiral Karl Dönitz met Lemp while he was disembarking from the U-boat.

OKM, who would deny any allegations that a German U-boat had sunk the vessel. 1946 that the truth about the fate of the liner was brought forth publicly by the Germans. 9 December 1939, when she was finally allowed to put to sea again for her second war patrol. Norway before returning to Wilhelmshaven on 14 December 1939. Having left Wilhelmshaven on 23 December 1939, she journeyed into the North Sea. She then circumnavigated the British Isles and travelled along the southern coast of Ireland. Wilhelmshaven on 17 January 1940.