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Cronauer is met at the airport by PFC Edward Garlick. Cronauer’s attitude and demeanor contrasts sharply with many staff members. His show consists of irreverent humor segments and rock and roll, which are frowned upon by his superiors, Second Lieutenant Steven Hauk and Sergeant Major Phillip Dickerson. Hauk adheres to strict Good morning vietnam screenplay pdf guidelines in terms of humor and music programming, while Dickerson is generally abusive to all enlisted men.

However, Brigadier General Taylor and the other DJs quickly grow to like the new man and his brand of comedy. Cronauer meets Trinh, a Vietnamese girl, and follows her to an English class. Bribing the teacher to let him take over, Cronauer instructs the students in American slang. Once class is dismissed, he tries to talk to Trinh but is stopped by her brother Tuan. Instead, Cronauer takes Tuan to Jimmy Wah’s, a local GI bar, to have drinks with Garlick and the station staff. Two soldiers, angered at Tuan’s presence, initiate a confrontation that escalates into a brawl.

Dickerson reprimands Cronauer for this incident, but his broadcasts continue. While relaxing in Jimmy Wah’s one afternoon, he is pulled outside by Tuan, who says that Trinh wants to see him. Moments later, the building explodes, killing two soldiers and leaving Cronauer shaken. Cronauer locks himself in the studio and reports it anyway. Dickerson cuts off the broadcast and Cronauer is suspended. Hauk takes over his shows, but his corny humor and the polka music he plays lead to a flood of letters and phone calls demanding that Cronauer be put back on the air. In the meantime, Cronauer spends his time drinking and pursuing Trinh, only to be repeatedly rebuffed.