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Thrift Savings Plan TSP-70 Request for Full Withdrawal June 2013 Checklist for Completing Form TSP-70 Be sure to read all instructions before completing this form. You can use the TSP website www. Complete Form TSP-70 and mail or fax it to the TSP. 2013 Name Last First Middle IV. Tsp 70 Online Form is not the form you’re looking for?

Search for another form here. What is a TSP-70 Form? However, if an individual employed in the federal sector is willing to terminate their Thrift Savings Plan, the request should be submitted through the completed TSP-70 Form. Why should a TSP-70 form be filled out? The form should be used to file a request for an immediate withdrawal of the applicant’s entire vested account balance to be paid after the employer confirms their separation from the federal service.

Is the TSP-70 Form accompanied by any other documents? The properly completed Request for Full Withdrawal should provide enough information for the claim to be assessed. As such, the TSP-70 form does not require any supporting documentation. When is the TSP Request for Full Withdrawal due? The Request for Full Withdrawal does not have a specific deadline and should be filed when needed. How to fill out the TSP Withdrawal Form 70? Where do I send the completed Request for Full Withdrawal?