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Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Al-Banna’s writings marked hassan al banna books pdf watershed in Islamic intellectual history by presenting a modern ideology based on Islam. He called for Islamization of the state, the economy, and society.

He allowed the formation of a secret military wing within the Muslim Brotherhood, which took part in the Arab-Israeli conflict. Nonetheless, his thought was open to Western ideas and some of his writings quote European authors instead of Islamic sources. Al-Banna was assassinated by the Egyptian secret police in 1949. Muslim Brotherhood in the 1950s. His father was an important spiritual influence during al-Banna’s early life. Sheikh Ahmad was known for his work as a Hanbali scholar, particularly his classifications of the traditions of Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal al-Shaybani.

In his personal accounts, al-Banna identified with the widespread activism of the time. Although Al-Banna’s family were not members of the Egyptian elite, they were relatively well-respected in Mahmudiyya. Sheikh Ahmad’s was a distinguish imam and the family owned some property. However, during the 1920s economic crisis, the family had trouble sustaining the upkeep of their property and moved to Cairo in 1924. In Mahmudiyya, al-Banna studied in the village mosque with Sheikh Zahran. The two developed a close relationship that influenced al-Banna’s early intellectual and religious development.