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Washington is known for its picturesque countryside, historic architecture, and active civic and cultural life. 10,000 years ago, following the conclusion of the last ice age. Washington, marking home depot weekly ad pdf beginning of the town’s inhabitation by Colonists.

Major William Cogswell, son of Edward Cogswell, was elected the town’s first selectman. Local residents provided a safe harbor for slaves fleeing captivity, and organized efforts to throw bounty hunters off the tracks of their pursuits. In August 1955, two large storms passed over Litchfield County in close succession, flooding many local river valleys. Route 202 were plugged with debris, causing floodwaters to accumulate upstream. The culverts and roadway succumbed to the resulting pressure, causing a wall of water to race down the river valley, washing away many of the homes and businesses in the Depot’s village center, and killing a couple who ignored warnings to evacuate. A reconstruction effort, led by Henry B. Homes and businesses soon reemerged, but the village lost many historic structures, and it has never regained its pre-flood density or vitality.

The layout and visual character of the Depot were also radically altered, and the village center assumed its contemporary appearance, which varies considerably from Washington’s traditional architectural vernacular. The proposed route ran through Lake Waramaug’s eastern watershed, across the Shepaug River, and through the Steep Rock Reservation, with a secondary spur running through Washington Green and Nettleton Hollow. Waterbury, which had long relied on the reservoir to supply water to its citizens, had come to view the river as a revenue stream, and was removing extra water to sell to neighboring municipalities. The plant was to emit 443 tons of pollutants per year, many of which would have projected toward Washington, owing to the region’s prevailing wind patterns and complex terrain.