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Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. As of 2012, Pangasinan is one of the major languages of the Philippines that is taught and ilocano english dictionary pdf formally in schools and universities. Pangasinan is classified under the Pangasinic group of languages. The people of Pangasinan are also referred to as Pangasinense or Pangalatok.

10 and 6 thousand years ago. Associative numbers are formed with prefix KA-. Fraction numbers are formed with prefix KA- and an associative number. Multiplicative ordinal numbers are formed with prefix PI- and a cardinal number from two to four or PIN- for other numbers except for number one. Distributive cardinal numbers are formed with prefixes SAN-, TAG-, or TUNGGAL and a cardinal number. Distributive multiplicative numbers are formed with prefix MAGSI-, TUNGGAL, or BALANGSAKEY and a multiplicative cardinal number. The ancient people of Pangasinan used an indigenous writing system.

However, use of the ancient syllabary has declined, and not much literature written in it has survived. Pangasinan was preserved and kept alive despite the propagation of the Spanish and English languages. Written Pangasinan and oral literature in this language flourished during the Spanish and American period. Writers like Juan Saingan, Felipe Quintos, Narciso Corpus, Antonio Solis, Juan Villamil, Juan Mejía and María C. Magsano continued to write and publish in Pangasinan. Katipunan revolutionary struggle in Pangasinan and surrounding provinces.

Juan Villamil translated José Rizal’s Mi Ultimo Adiós in Pangasinan. Pangasinan Courier published articles and literary works in Pangasinan. Many Christian publications in Pangasinan are widely available. However, the spread and influence of the other languages is contributing to the decline of the Pangasinan. Many Pangasinan people, especially the native speakers are promoting the use of Pangasinan in the print and broadcast media, Internet, local governments, courts, public facilities and schools in Pangasinan.