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Please forward this iman e abu talib book in urdu pdf screen to 108. Modern tafsirs listed here are the work of later than the 20th century.

Sunni commentaries, pointing out what they consider to be mistakes, made because of the author’s Mu’tazili beliefs. This Qur’anic commentary is popular in North Africa. This ten-volume tafsir is a commentary on the Qur’anic verses dealing with legal issues. One volume of this tafsir has been translated into English by Aisha Bewley. A summary of the earlier interpretation by al-Tabari.

This commentary is very popular with Muslims all over the world due to its simplicity. It has also been translated completely by Feras Hamza. This commentary, in Arabic, concentrates on the narratives that have been transmitted relating to each verse and subject in the Qur’an. It has been published in six volumes. The first “full tafsir” attributed to Muqatil ibn Sulayman ibn Bashir al Balkhi. Furat Ibn Furat Ibn Ibrahim al-Kufi.

By Allama Tabataba’I, explanation of Quranic verses with the help of other relevant verses. Sayad Muhammad Madani Ashrafi Jilani has written a 10 volume Tafsir and its received acclaim by all leading scholars to be the best Urdu Tafsir of this time. It has been specifically been praised for being easy to understand, simple yet effective at the same time. 12 volumes of tafsir written in concise and straightforward languages that is accessible to both mufassir and non-mufassir alike. 06 volumes of tafsir written in 30 years. Many praise it as a modern commentary, but at the same time, many critics including some Sunni scholars say that Qutb had little Islamic knowledge, and wrote his commentary according to his own opinion.

It has also been attacked for not following the style of classical commentaries. This commentary tries to explore the themes that weave through the entire Qur’an as well as the main theme of each chapter. Turkish, is a large work, with four main volumes. It consists of extensive exegesis of certain verses and explanation of the fundamentals of how to approach the Qur’an. It especially explains the verses that 21st Century people need most. In other words, it studies the verses about the six articles of belief of Islam such as believing in God and the day of judgment. It also gives logical answers to the questions asked by Atheists.