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Secretary of the Increase contrast pdf online Denise W. Some of the features on CT. Connecticut Electronic Poll Book System Requirement Specification V1. Register online to vote through the Connecticut Secretary of State.

Access public Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies and the Regulation-Making Record. Start and manage your business online. Through the commitment of a knowledgeable staff and advanced technology, the Office of the Secretary of the State works as a team to provide a wide range of services for the people and businesses of Connecticut. We are a repository of records for the State, and provide important information and resources regarding business and commercial filings, elections, and authentication as prescribed by the constitution, and federal and state laws.

We seek to support business development opportunities, and foster a more inclusive political process by educating, informing and engaging communities in youth and civic preparation. About Secretary of the State Denise W. For updated information about the Medicare Savings Programs, including a DSS news release issued Dec. Link to Medicar Savings Program. Special menu for DSS customers. Image of Connecticut with ConneCT superimposed. Special section for contracts, procurement and related information.

Public Sale of Douglas Manor Skilled Nursing Facility in Windham. Image of Commissioner Bremby with US and State flags. Welcome to the Connecticut Department of Social Services. We hope you find this website both helpful and informative.

Please add us to your bookmarks and check back frequently for up-to-date information on the services we offer. Facebook feed for the Department of Social Services. Twitter feed for the Department of Social Services. We fight for a greener, more peaceful world. Greenpeace is the leading independent campaigning organization that uses peaceful direct action and creative communication to expose global environmental problems and to promote solutions that are essential to a green and peaceful future. Power the resistance with a gift to Greenpeace. Say NO to seismic blasting and offshore oil drilling!

Join the fight against plastic pollution! Greenpeace will never stop fighting for a greener, healthier world for our oceans, forests, food, climate, and democracy—no matter what forces stand in our way. My name is Bonnie Wright, and I am very excited to be with Greenpeace on board The Arctic Sunrise. You may recognize me as Ginny Weasley from the Harry Potter films, but for the last three days, I have been a volunteer deckhand.

I am here to learn more about Greenpeace’s Ocean Plastics campaign and how we can end single-use plastics. Plastics are filling up our oceans and killing marine life around the globe. From straws to soda rings, these plastics choke or entangle species like seabirds, turtles, and whales. Actress and director Bonnie Wright, known for playing Ginny Weasley in the Harry Potter film series, right, joins Greenpeace onboard the Arctic Sunrise to help highlight the urgent threat of ocean plastics. She works with crew member Jenn Peltz to pull up the tie lines as they depart the Bahamas.